4 adventure holidays that will change your life

4 adventure holidays that will change your life

Want to escape the daily grind of work, but tired of the usual kind of holiday? Then keep scrolling, because here are four exciting suggestions that will leave you wanting more!


No other activity lets you peer into a different world like snorkelling. And to try it yourself, there’s no better place than the Maldives. Beneath the famous turquoise waters, you’ll get to see all manner of sea-life; from the small and colourful butterflyfish to the giant manta ray. But the most awe-inspiring experience has to be spotting and swimming near a graceful whale shark. Best of all, many resorts there have attached snorkelling packages, so even newbies will feel right at home.


Skiers say it’s the closest thing to flying on the ground. Well, to find out, head to Savoie in the French Alps! Home to the highest altitudes in Europe, there’s a resort to suit all travellers here, making the area extremely popular with families. Sure, you’ll start on the beginner slopes, but trust us. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be going higher up for the thrill of whizzing down powder-white snow with crisp mountain air in your face. It’s that addictive!

River rafting

Mention the Grand Canyon and dry rock faces come to mind. But it’s really also one of the best places in the world for river rafting. The mighty Colorado River carves through the canyons for miles and miles, offering fantastic stretches of rafting even for first-timers. Ride the rapids, manoeuvre past the rocks, and you’ll realise that aside from the adrenaline, there is also the most dramatic natural landscape to enjoy.

Road tripping

If you think driving is hardly an adventure, then you clearly haven’t driven in New Zealand. From the icy glaciers in the south to the steaming thermal waters of Lake Rotorua; the mesmerising lights of glow-worm caves to the magic of The Shire. This country of contrasting landscapes is truly amazing. And the best part? You get to experience it all at your own pace in a road trip of a lifetime!

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