How to plan for the perfect road trip

How to plan for the perfect road trip

So the holidays are almost upon you and you haven’t got anything planned yet. A road trip with your closest buddies could make your summer truly unforgettable. Here are some tips to get you started!

Drop by the car workshop

To minimise the risks of accidents, pay your workshop a visit one week before your trip. Check the brake system, radiator, tyre pressure, and car lights. If required, get your oil and oil filters changed too, You should also ensure that you have all the emergency equipment needed, such as a spare tyre, a first aid kit, and a reflective warning triangle.

Invest in a good motor insurance plan

As anything can happen on the road, it would be wise to choose an insurance plan with a 24/7 hotline for towing, lockout, or emergency fuelling services, such as MSIG Roadside Assistance. What’s more, if your car is out for the count, insurers that provide free car rental or hotel accommodation can be incredibly helpful. Having such round-the-clock services ensures that help is always available no matter what time of the day you need it.

Download an offline map

With mobile data at hand, it can be easy for drivers to navigate the roads with Google Maps or just a GPS. However, some places may not have Wi-Fi or have poor connectivity. Plus, you may also want to save on data usage or the cost of purchasing a car GPS. To get around these issues, download offline maps that can easily be found online or in the app store. Or better yet, plot your route in advance into your phone so that directions are readily available even when you’re offline.

Pack the right kind of food

Driving can be ring and monotonous, especially on long straight roads. As such, stay away from carbohydrates and sugary treats such as white bread and pastries that can make you sleepy. Instead, consider trail mix and nuts to give you a sense of fullness and energy.

Have sufficient water at hand

Dehydration can also lead to drowsiness, so make sure you are constantly hydrated and stay away from carbonated drinks. Most importantly, alcoholic beverages are a huge no-no. Motor insurance provides useful coverage for fortuitous accidents, but not for those under the influence of alcohol.


Having a comprehensive motor insurance plan can set your heart at ease for an awesome road trip. If you have any questions regarding motor insurance, feel free to reach out to us here.

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