Golfers, stay on course with these lesser-known tips

Golfers, stay on course with these lesser-known tips

Whether you’re a serial golfer or someone looking to take up the sport, here are some tips that may prove useful to you.

1. Insurance is useful for a hole-in-one.

“One of the most interesting traditions in golf is the buying of celebratory drinks for fellow golfers after a hole-in-one.”

One of the most interesting traditions in golf is the buying of celebratory drinks for fellow golfers after a hole-in-one. Clubhouses may have reinforced the tradition over time to drive up bar tabs. It could also have been established to prevent golfers from making false claims in hopes of making it to a clubhouse’s plaque or roll-of-honour. But did you know that if you have a certificate to prove your achievement, golf insurance could actually provide a sum of money to cover for your celebrations? Some insurers may even provide a greater cash incentive when it comes to tournaments.


2. Be mindful of the risks of transit.

For many golfers, the loss or damage to golf equipment often happens on the way to the golf course from the place of residence—in the boot of their car or the backseat. As such, one common misconception is that household insurance policies provide coverage for such cases, when in fact only golf insurance does.

3.Never take any injury lightly.

"30,047 people visited the emergency room with golf-course-related injuries and 15,225 more as a result of a golf-cart "incident." — Golf Digest, 2014)"

Back and wrist injuries are the most common injuries in golf, and can become long-term ailments. If it’s not properly treated, you might even need surgery and even be advised against playing the sport again. Investing in golf insurance is a good way to ensure you’re adequately protected in such costly situations, especially when long-term treatment is required.


4. Be wary of freak accidents.

Freak accidents that have occurred over the years include the loss of an eye, golf cart crashes, and deaths from being struck by lightning out in the open course. If you’re a beginner learning about grip pressure, a careless slip of the hand might even result in the golf club being flung into furnishings or worst, passer-by nearby, causing damages. In such cases, golf insurance would be able to compensate for the injuries or damage caused.



Golf insurance coverage can be very helpful when the above situations arise. If you have any queries about golf insurance, click here to find out more or reach out to us here.

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